Marketing today has become a great challenge owing to the constantly changing technology and digital media landscape. Every marketer comes face to face with various challenges – even though, they generally share similar goals. Most marketers are stuck on lead generation; while others find it troublesome converting leads into customers.

A look at the top 3 challenges faced by Marketers:

1) Business Awareness Problem (BAP): Measured by the traffic, it is all about how to popularize your existential presence.
The Right Approach: Before you can start generating leads for your sales team to convert into customers, your main challenge is to get the attention of your audience and get more and more people interested in your business, product, or service. In order to attract a higher volume of interested prospects, you need to generate more awareness through various channels available to you like choosing the right social networks, choosing right infographic to broadcast your branding message or having a business blog and creating educational content to provide value to your readers.

2) Prospect Engagement Problem (PEP): Measured by likes, followers, friends and views – PEP entails how to influence your interlocutor.
The Right Approach: The scope of social media marketing depend on the smart management of your social leads – the skill to identify influencers and users on the basis of your social activity and interests, and aptly timed and managed follow-up communication. Providing your sales team with social media lead intelligence can be a great way to start with for boosting your sales with social media.

3) Product Differentiation Problem (PDP): It is measured by sales and is about how to get them transect with you.
The Right Approach: When you’re selling a product or service, it is essential that you brand identify the unique selling proposition or features that set your products / services apart from all others in the market. The main aim of product differentiation is to present your commodity to be unique enough to attract people’s attention. Once the audience recognizes the difference, they are likely to remember it and buy it.

Other challenges can be as follows:

The ZMOT Strategy :

Integrated content comprises the following:

Owned Media:   Website, Blogs, Mobile Social Profiles, Apps / Widgets, Own Publication Games, Videos, Infographics, etc.

Earned Media: Press Coverage, Blogger Exposure, Peer / User Review, Viral, UGC, etc.

Free Media:  Bookmarkings, Classified Curators, Aggregators, Directories and Business Listings, etc.

Paid Media: Banner, Keyword Buying, Social Media Advertising, Sponsorship, Other ZTP Buying, and Paid Content Inclusions.

Winning the Zero Moment of Truth ( ZMOT) Marketing Strategy