Winning the zero moment of truth- Zmot marketing strategy (Infographic)

Marketing today has become a great challenge owing to the constantly changing technology and digital media landscape. Every marketer comes face to face with various challenges – even though, they generally share similar goals. Most marketers are stuck on lead generation; while others find it troublesome converting leads into customers. A look at the top […]

How to Win ZMOT in 5 Steps

It’s easily seen with the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) that showing up with at the right place with the right content is an essential task, as well as, a big challenge in today’s marketing scenario. Are you in need of some ideas for how to get started at the Zero Moment of Truth and […]

ZERO MOMENT OF TRUTH – Shoppers’ New Path to Purchase

In 2006 , A G Lafely, ex Ceo of P& G introduced  numeracy to the moments of truth that a marketer has to face. His forward count went till two: First Moment of Truth (FMOT) is, according to him, when the consumer buys the product and the Second Moment (SMOT) arrives when he experiences it. […]