Flying High with Social Media..!

No social media is not flying anywhere… we are talking about airlines who have made social media as part of their marketing campaign and have become the leader in the pack. Social media has changed the game for all and airline industry is by far the most successful industry which has adapted itself to social […]

Social Media À La Carte of Big Three Hotels

Internet, Laptops, PCs, Smartphone, ipads, iphones, tablets…..and what not!!! These words have gotten into everyone’s head and have already entered our blood veins!! The physical world has transformed into a virtual world where every transaction happens virtually on different social media touchpoints. Every industry, from apparel to automotive from healthcare to advertising, is greatly affected […]

Movies that Inspired Travel in 2012

What could be more magical than tourists from across the world flocking to a travel destination which has recently been showcased in a movie?  Yes! That’s how the travel industry has been working for quite some time now. clomid success with zithromax Travel consumers do not really need to look at their friends’ pictures on […]