What could be more magical than tourists from across the world flocking to a travel destination which has recently been showcased in a movie?  Yes! That’s how the travel industry has been working for quite some time now.

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Travel consumers do not really need to look at their friends’ pictures on social networking sites and brood over it. They get inspired from movies too!

Let’s shed some light on some of the movies which have accelerated travel to some of the hottest travel destinations:

1. Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2

No! I am not saying this movie inspires you to visit a place haunted by Vampires! The movie features some of the best locations of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Vancouver, Brazil and US Virgin Islands.


2. Skyfall

What could be more fascinating than visiting a place where James Bond travels. The filming locations include UK, China, Macau and Turkey. Some of the alluring scenes have been shot in London, Scotland and Shanghai.


3. To Rome with Love

In 2011, Midnight in Paris, was Woody Allen’s best travel inspiration movie. And in 2012, he created another one. “To Rome with Love” features some of the Rome’s best landmarks like Villa Borghese, Piazza Del Popolo and Spanish Steps.


4. Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Hobbit features New Zealand, which is a stunning country with great landscapes. After watching the movie, hundreds of fans planned to visit the place where the movie was filmed.


5. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

This movie has been filmed in India only to unleash some of the best places which can be visited by travelers. The movie has been filmed in and around city of Jaipur. Some of the best locations featured in movie are the Lake Palace Hotel, the Kanota Fort, and the Amber fort.


Author: Alicia Jones – Strategic Marketing Consultant | Media Mosaic

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