Internet, Laptops, PCs, Smartphone, ipads, iphones, tablets…..and what not!!! These words have gotten into everyone’s head and have already entered our blood veins!! The physical world has transformed into a virtual world where every transaction happens virtually on different social media touchpoints. Every industry, from apparel to automotive from healthcare to advertising, is greatly affected by easily accessible internet and ever changing technology. Then what about Hospitality industry? How can they offer services virtually when their success depends on the services which can be seen and felt in physical world? Well, these questions have been answered by some of the best hotels by proving that hospitality industry can achieve great heights by adapting itself to social media world. Let’s take a look…

Hilton Hotels & Resort

One brand which is achieving milestones in social media is Hilton Hotels and Resorts. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Plus, Foursquare, Mobile apps and what not. Hilton is getting on new heights with the help of these social media platforms. With more than one million fans on Facebook, Hilton is the first hotel brand to launch US and Mexico pages to increase global engagement.


Hilton’s marketing team developed a Twitter strategy which could help customers in sharing their support related issues. The page @HiltonHelp has around 1687 followers and 3801 tweets till now. This shows the hotel’s popularity on the platform. 


Hilton mobile apps strategy fetched it more than 100,000 hotel bookings via mobile and 340,000 downloads.

Marriott Hotels & Resorts

With Facebook fans reaching over 897,466 in just 8 months after creating its page, Marriott Hotels and Resorts boasts of increasing number of users following its updates. It also provides to links to other social media platforms Twitter, Flickr and YouTube.



Best Western

Best Western is one of the first major hotel brands to have offered reservations directly from Facebook page. It re-launched its mobile site with new navigation tools and social media elements which make booking process smooth.



This is just the initial phase of hospitality industry’s venture into social media world. There is lot to come in future where every hotel will have its property listed on different social media platforms.

1fb1f29Author: Alicia Jones – Strategic Marketing Consultant | Media Mosaic

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