It’s easily seen with the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) that showing up with at the right place with the right content is an essential task, as well as, a big challenge in today’s marketing scenario. Are you in need of some ideas for how to get started at the Zero Moment of Truth and ways to get and measure good results online? Take a look at the below mentioned ideas to win ZMOT, While some of these ideas are more advanced than others; they’ll all surely help you succeed.


A Look at 5 Steps to Win ZMOT

Step #1
Start with your bottom line : Think about the main goal of your business: As you start thinking about ZMOT, always remember that there can be only one main goal for your business. It can be profit for most of the organizations or the number of clients served, etc. In order to succeed at ZMOT, you should keep a clear line of sight to that one important bottom-line goal. Simply take out some time to think about that one goal for your business, and write it down.

Step #2
Be Prepared to measure: If you fail to measure how your business is doing, it becomes quite harder to succeed at ZMOT. A good way to start this practice is through connecting your site to an analytics tool if you haven’t already done it. Google Analytics is the most preferred option for measuring your efforts; however, there are various other good measurement tools like WebTrends and Adobe Ominture.

Step #3
Start with the basics: When you are ready to measure, answer some of the following questions to get on the way to a lot more success with your online clients:

Step #4
Keep your ZMOT promises: Your success on ZMOT will gain you a potential client. Now the main question arises – when this visitor came to your site, did they find what they expected? Are you able to keep your ZMOT promises? Your next step will be to identify the gap between why each web page of your website was created – its purpose, content, and calls to action – and why people are visiting it. Start fixing that and you’ll deliver on the promise that your brands are making.

Step #5
Stay ahead of the game: What it will be like if you were able to come to know about the next big thing in business? You certainly have to move beyond the top 10 or maybe 20 keywords to see what’s happening in the enormous body of related keywords beyond. Also consider elements like videos marketing, running successful social media marketing campaign , and all the other places where conversations are happening.