Social Media’s Coolest Travel Brands

The social media particularly social travel revolution has emerged as a well-documented one, as various airlines, cruises, and hotels are increasingly using social media more than ever before, and receptive travelers are right there alongside them. The travel brands are utilizing the 7 useful social media strategies to reach out to their customers or travelers, […]

Facebook ‘Ride’ of Top 5 OTAs

If there is one social media platform which has become a necessity for marketers, it’sFacebook. Undoubtedly, Facebook has the largest number of users than any other social networking site. And thus, it becomes great opportunity for travel marketers to drive more traffic and engage their consumers. Facebook is one of the most popular ZMOT touchpoint. […]

Wall of Fame: Are You on the Wall?

So you have been clinging on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for brand promotion online…and you have seen some of the amazing results as a consequence!! Yes, you have all the reasons to celebrate the social media success of your brand but have you ever thought of being part of social media platform which is just […]