Social Media’s Coolest Travel Brands

The social media particularly social travel revolution has emerged as a well-documented one, as various airlines, cruises, and hotels are increasingly using social media more than ever before, and receptive travelers are right there alongside them. The travel brands are utilizing the 7 useful social media strategies to reach out to their customers or travelers, such as social media campaigns, social apps to connect, social games, loyalty campaigns, blog, advocacy program, and travel forum.

 A look at some of the coolest travel brands that have unleashed the social media platform and how:

 Queensland Tourism: The company executed a campaign, the best job in the world, aiming for searching an island caretaker who would also communicate his experiences to the world. Unsurprisingly, the winner was also finalized through a social media contest. Their campaign aided the brand to generate the much needed buzz and conversations for its travel forum.

European Travel Commission: European Travel Commission used the social media platform in a right way by launching a photo contest on Facebook. Pic 2The company asked the users to submit their morphed pictures at various travel locations. This campaign successfully generated buzz and interest for various travel locations.

Tripadvisor: Star Reviewer Tripadvisor recently launched a campaign in order to recognise its most loyal reviewers along with community members. The whole strategy helped the brand express recognition to its reviewers and loyal fans. Pic 3The travel brand also runs a social app namely Tripadvisor: Cities I have visited, it shows where your friends have been across the globe and provides a social connect to get recommendations from friends.

British Airlines: Metrotwin – A British Airlines’ campaign aims at promoting tourism between London and New York and offers expert recommendation for the best places in the two cities.Pic 4

Lonely Planet: Lonely planet’s travel forum – Thorn Tree Forum, helps the brand support and participate their consumers all through their travel research. In addition to this, there is a Lonely Planet‘s Official Blog serves as a platform for travel destination, tips and stories. It also shares brand’s passion for travel with the readers.Pic 5

Jet Blue: Through its Go Places app, Jet Blue is all set to reward its customers for checking-in at Jet Blue Terminals using Facebook places. It has helped the brand recognise its loyal customers and generate viral buzz on networks.Pic 6


Club Mahindra: Club Mahindra’s social media campaign motivated people to get more from life and energizes consumers to travel for leisure and fun.Pic 7


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