One name which has been keeping all marketers ponder over their digital brand marketing strategy is Google Hangout. For those who are still oblivious to what it is…it’s certainly not a place where you can hangout with! kidding…! Google Hangout has been introduced by Google in the month of May this year. While digital marketers were still gulping different social media networking sites, there is one more to the platter.

Google Hangout: A boon for Digital Marketing Strategies
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To start with, one needs to understand what Google Hangout is and how can it help marketers for generating more business.

What is Google Hangout?

While Google Plus was reaching millions of marketers, Google Plus Hangout has already started to build its place in the world of internet marketing. It offers video chat service and that too for free. Using this tool, people can catch up with multiple friends at the same time and at the same place. In short, you can have a group conversation. Besides this, you can also capture pics, share screen and message friends. Google+ Hangout also helps you in having live video call with maximum 10 friends at a time. This app can be used via mobile, PC or tablet. However, this app, like other social networking sites, can also be used as a powerful marketing tool.

How Does it Help?

Have you ever wondered how this cool app can help your business grow? Well, it’s by learning the tricks of the trade. As an internet marketer, Google hangout can help you great deal by making you available online for your customers. You can use hangout to conduct virtual meetings, share content, or knowledge and your expertise in the field. Let’s check out how hangout can be an effective promotional tool for businesses:

  1. Businesses can hold meetings using Hangout. Virtual teams can come together at the same platform to discuss, share ideas, collaborate and make decisions.

  2. Hangout can be used to resolve client’s issues as customer service tool. Video chat and screen sharing functionality can be used to check client’s concerns and resolve them at the earliest.

  3. Google hangouts allow you to talk live with people around the world and thus reaching wider audience.

  4. Video feature in Hangout adds a new angle to the content. People can see and hear you which helps in building trust.

  5. Hangout allows you to share presentations with your target audience.

  6. Hangout can also be used to collect feedback from people as to what do they think of your brand. This can help you get closer to your customers.

Google hangout, if used effectively, can do wonders for your business. All you need to do this to download the app and get started!