Google Hangout: A boon or bane for Marketers?

One name which has been keeping all marketers ponder over their digital brand marketing strategy is Google Hangout. For those who are still oblivious to what it is…it’s certainly not a place where you can hangout with! kidding…! Google Hangout has been introduced by Google in the month of May this year. While digital […]

Poor Backlinks can Kill your SEO Effort!

Who does not want to be appreciated by others, eh? Of course, all of us have that hidden desire to be talked about in public. This is because what people say about us has more credibility than what we say about ourselves. The same logic works in the world of creative and digital brand marketing. […]

Earn Inbound Links through Guest Blogging

Inbound links refer to when external websites place your website link on their website pages and a must for businesses aiming to build a strong online presence. Inbound links are the most important ranking factor to Google. Though, building quality links are not easy to create. This is one step where most of the SEO […]