Who does not want to be appreciated by others, eh? Of course, all of us have that hidden desire to be talked about in public. This is because what people say about us has more credibility than what we say about ourselves. The same logic works in the world of creative and digital brand marketing.

Internet marketers focus of getting quality backlinks which is also called off-page optimization. Backlinks are basically inbound links which are links directed from other websites to your own website. That means, the content created by you is so awesome that it has been mentioned somewhere on other websites and gets you more visitors from those websites. Backlinks are important in the world of SEO because all search engines including Google value those websites which has good quality backlinks. It helps in building trust in the eyes of Google.

Backlinks in Digital Brand Marketing

Now the question is how to get quality backlinks to the website. Mentioned below are few tricks to get inbound links which will help you in getting on page one of search engines. Here we go:

  1. Guest Blogs is the Key

Writing a unique and remarkable content and posting it on other websites is an effective way of generating inbound links. Posting guest blogs on sites which have high traffic and high PR can get you tremendous traffic on the website.

  1. Content, Content and Content

Content does not simply confines itself to blogs. You can create more content in the form of case studies, free webinar, etc.

  1. Creativity Wins

Get creative. Try your hands on Infographics and videos. Infographics go viral and spread like fire. Sites like Pinterest love to flaunt infographics of almost all categories.

  1. Press Release Strategy

Write a press release and post it on your website. Tag your press release to other big newswires.

  1. Get Social, Do Social Media

Social media is a proven method to get plethora of quality backlinks. The number of fans and followers you have on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, the better are the chances they will like and share your content, thus promoting your website.

  1. Relationships Matter

Join hands and make good relationships with top shot webmasters. This will create opportunity for you to get good backlinks from someone who will definitely lend you an ear!

The above mentioned tips are where the whole story revolves. The idea is to let other people speak about you and mention you on their websites. This will raise your position on Google and other search engines.