Responsive Web Design: The Ultimate Guide for Online Marketers

Handheld devices such as ipads, smartphones have become a part of our everyday lives. With the growing number of devices being launched in the market everyday, how does an organization ensure that their website will work on all these devices with equal ease and provide user with the appropriate content at the same time? The […]

How SEO differs for Mobile and Desktop Version

It is predicted that mobile internet usage will overtake desktop web use in the next two years. Therefore, there is a growing need for businesses to develop SEO strategies with increasing mobile phone usage in mind. While the basic principles are more or less the same, there are certain environment characteristics such as mobile users’ […]

Responsive Web Design: Your Key to Success

Consumers have been using mobiles in order to look for information on products and services. In this process, they look for company’s websites, read product reviews, watch videos, etc. using their mobiles. Thus, it is imperative that web designers and developers create a website that works well on mobiles too. Creating a website compatible with […]