It is predicted that mobile internet usage will overtake desktop web use in the next two years. Therefore, there is a growing need for businesses to develop SEO strategies with increasing mobile phone usage in mind.
While the basic principles are more or less the same, there are certain environment characteristics such as mobile users’ behaviour and characteristics that make Mobile SEO different from Desktop SEO.

•    In the Desktop SEO, the result pages are more complex. However, in the Mobile SEO, the result pages are simplified and there are fewer recommendations.

•    Mobile phone results have fewer filters at the top. This may mean a higher Click-through Rate (CTR) in mobile search as compared to desktop search.

•    As the screens are smaller, top few results on Google results page matter more on a mobile phone than a desktop.

•    Usually, more personalized results are displayed on smartphones as most users are always logged in.

•    Also, there are certain technical and content restrictions on smartphones that must be taken into account for developing an effective Mobile SEO strategy.

There are other subtle differences as well that have made it essential for businesses to design and optimize their websites for smartphone users.