TripAdvisor, the hottest travel review website, has introduced a new property dashboard for all business listings subscribers.


Below are some of the features of new TripAdvisor’s new dashboard:

Visits to Page: This report allows you to analyze traffic to your page over time. With the influence of TripAdvisor in the booking process, this data will allow you to see which periods of the year see higher bookings driven by TripAdvisor, compare performance from one period to the next, and benchmark traffic changes after a listing change has been made.46

Your Visitors: This data offers demographic information about visitors to your listing. This intelligence can help you better identify your target market, create a special offer that is more relevant to your audience, and determine the average length of stay of your guests.


Your Competitors: This overview provides a comparison look of your business listing versus your competitors. This perspective allows you to see how your special offers and photos compare to other properties in your competitive set.


Your City: This report shows you the number of TripAdvisor visitors researching your location each week. This information is useful because, by comparing your ‘visits to page’ data with ‘your city’ statistics, you can determine your property’s virtual market share of search.


Snapshot: This final report provides you with very basic, high-level information about your hotel’s business listing – total number of reviews and management responses as well as overall ranking and rating.


Why Care?

The new property dashboard will give you a lot more in-depth analytics as well as valuable information about your property:

  1. Where are your visitors coming from, why do they travel, how long do they plan to stay, etc.
  2. Know your page visits data for past 3, 6, 12 months or year over year.
  3. Analyze your competitors’ performance – Their TA rating, total reviews comments trends, total photos or any active special offers.

Tips to take advantage of new dashboard

Visits to Page

Compare visits to your page for the same month year over year. This way you can be sure of which months are busiest for your property and be prepared to manage large number of bookings. Also, compare page visits before and after you make a change to your listing.

Your Visitors

Understand your customer demographics and offer special customized offers to different sets of target customers. Once you know your visitors/target market and the average time they plan to stay you can plan your strategy accordingly.

Your Competitors

Using this feature, do a SWOT analysis of your property against that of competitors. Know your competitors’ special offers , kind of photos they upload, their rating and reviews as compared to your own. Take proactive approach using your competitors data around different parameters.

Your City

This feature can best be used by combining two different reports “Visits to Page” and “Your City” reports. First look at the number of people searching your location in any month and then compare it with number of page views in the same month. This will help you to understand how visible Is your property to travelers researching your location.


Track your review activity using Snapshot feature. If number of reviews on your page are less as compared to number of guests your have hosted you can use “Review Express” feature which reminds guests to write feedback.