For every business to succeed in online search ranking, it’s imperative for them to understand the basic search ranking factors. These factors act as foundation for promoting business online. The Local Search Ranking Factors survey was first published in 2008 by David Mihm in which survey from local pay for performance SEOs around the globe had become a high point in the year in local search.

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Listed below are top Seven local search ranking factors:

  1. Google Category

When creating local page on Google Plus, you need to choose categories twice. First, when you enter initial details about your business, you need to choose a primary category from drop-down list. Second, in the dashboard, where you need to select nine other categories for your business.

  1. Physical Address in City of Search

It’s very important to mention your address so that your business can appear in city of search. Your business has more chance of appearing in Google local search results for searches if :

  1. Consistent Citation

A citation refers to mention of your business name, address or phone number on web. It may also involve listing your business in online local business directories. However, such listing must be consistent in terms of name of business, correct address and phone number.

  1. Quality of Structured Citation

A “structured citation” is listing of your business on best websites. Businesses should focus on getting listed on authoritative local business indexes and directories.

  1. Domain authority of website

Domain Authority is a metric used to predict how well a website performs in comparison to other websites.

  1. Individually owner-verified local Plus page

Google+ page for your own local business is the first step to being included in Google’s index. The second step is to verify your ownership of the listing.

  1. Quality of inbound links to domain

It’s very important to earn high quality links from goof sources which will help your business to improve its visibility in the search engine results.

The above mentioned factors will not only help your business improve its position in search rankings but also get you more traffic to your website as Local search is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization process. You’re off to a good start now!