Over the past a few years Amazon has gained huge popularity owing to its extensive range of products and services across the globe. While Google is the biggest search engine, Amazon has evolved as the largest product search engine across the world.

Therefore, just like it is essential for the online marketers to rank ahead on Google, ranking good on Amazon is also vital for them.

According to The New York Times report in 2012, In 2009, 18% of the total population started to search for products on Amazon and the number has certainly increased to date.

While Google’s primary focus is on user engagement and Amazon focus is on enhancing conversion rates as more and more conversions results can generate more revenue. Incorporating certain effective marketing strategies at this juncture, could help enhance the gain sales, as well as, the rankings.

Here are the important tips which can help you rank well in Amazon:

1. Make an organized data

While Google motivates people to incorporate structured data to their business websites, Amazon’s index on the contrary is already structured. That means, Amazon only identifies a specific information and results in greater brand awareness and even higher sales

2. Create specific search terms

Amazon does not actually need unique content for each domain in order to rank ahead unlike Google. The sole objective of Amazon in terms of searches is to convert them into purchases. Amazon allows users to find whatever they require by using filter results. Whether they are looking for a specific product or a brand, creating a filter search helps them to achieve what they might be looking for.