One of the best attractions in any city is the display or exhibition of its art and sculptures. Travelers visiting any city around the world are mostly interested in its history and background. The museums are the great way of knowing the origin and roots of the place. Thus, we bring before you the list of famous 5 museum attractions around the world.

Le Louvre, Paris

The Louvre Museum in Paris is the world’s most famous museum which was originally a royal palace. Mona Lisa and Venus of Milo are some of the most celebrated works of art of this museum. The museum has a collection of over 1 million works of art, of which about 35 000 are on display, spread out over three wings of the former palace.



The Acropolis Museum, Athens

Acropolis museum was shifted from old museum to the new one due to lack of space to keep sculptures and art and regular visitors. Some of the famous collections in this museum are Moschophoros (calfbearer), the boy of Kritios and the goddess Athena.



State Hermitage, St. Petersburg

This is one of the biggest and most prestigious museums in the world. The museum has over 3 million items in its collection and has one of the largest collections of Western European Art in the world. It boasts of 1,786 doors, 1945 windows and 1057 lavishly decorated rooms.


The British Museum, London

This museum is located in Bloomsbury. It was founded in 1753 and its collection spans over 2 million years of human history. The famous attractions of the museum are Rosetta stone, Parthenon sculptures and Egyptian mummies.


The Vatican Museums, Vatican City

These museums are one of the greatest museums in the world and contain masterpieces of painting, sculpture and other art works collected by popes in 16th century.