In the era where we conduct our everyday activities through mobile, the device has become the very source of all our information. In India currently, there are 130 million mobile internet users which is expected to become 250 million users by 2015. Hence, for a country which has the second largest mobile user base in the world, mobile search engine marketing is the predictable future.   responsiveFor a marketer, it is essential that they enhance and encash their business website for mobile search engine marketing, if they want to sustain themselves in the competitive business. Among the top trends for having an effective mobile marketing campaign are:

  1. Responsive web designs:  There are plethora of web devices such as smartphones and ipad used by people in their everyday lives. Hence, companies need website which is user-friendly to work on all these devices. A website which understands the mobile device screen that it is being opened on and is sensitive to it; is the answer for the question posed by the marketers. With responsive website, a single website by having flexible design that fits and works according to various mobile devices is the latest trend. Mobiles work on internet; however the internet speed cannot be matched with a wired PC connection. Hence, the sites that have been designed for PC will not work the same on mobile devices due to internet connectivity.  Companies need to come up with dedicated websites that have been designed keeping mind the screen space and internet connectivity of mobile devices.
  1.  Mobile friendly v/s mobile optimized: The terms sounds identical to each other, but are very different in their meaning. Mobile friendly website is the one that has a responsive website so that the user can surf the website from different mobile devices with ease. Mobile optimization is one step further than mobile friendly websites, with companies making the most of mobile features such as SMS, camera, voice, GPS and many more to name. One of the most famous mobile based features that are used by advertisers is Click-to-Call option. If the user touches the phone number when asked by the website, it is automatically dialled for the query posed by the consumer. Another famous option is mobile coupons which gets delivered by SMS whom a consumer can redeem in-store for various offerings. The feature is considered as one of the primary features of mobile marketing that drives sales and it’s used enormously during sale season.

With our lives becoming more and more depended on mobiles, it can be predicted well-in-advance that mobile search engine marketing is the future.