Roseanne Barr once gave the formula for capturing a man’s heart thus: The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his chest.Of course, with criminal laws being what they are, not everybody can shoot down their beloved however every travel marketer can take a leaf out of roseanne’s tree.

The quickest way to a traveler’s purse is through his pocket, especially one, where he keeps his phone.

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Conventional wisdom had it that if you wanted traveler to loosen his purse strings you had to appeal to his mind. However with times changing, travel marketers are realizing that in conjunction with the mind –appeal, they need to serenade the travelers’ mobile phone as well.

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Travelers’ Mobile Behavior

The mobile behavior of travel consumers can be looked at under five categories namely Information, Evaluation, Purchase or Booking, During travel and Post travel.

Mobile Behavior in Information Stage

Consumers use mobile for information search about the destination they are going to visit or for checking good hotels. More than 25 million US mobile users search for travel related information using their mobile devices. The number of people who own Smartphone has grown considerably. Smartphone gives options to consumers to download any kind of app to their device. Travel consumers make interesting use of their Smartphone. They search for information through different mobile websites, they watch videos on their mobile of travel destination, they update their travel status on social networking sites using mobile, and much more.

Mobile Behavior in Evaluation Stage

Travelers in evaluation stage look for best available option out of the lot. They compare prices, read posts of other travelers and even watch videos at this stage on their mobile devices. This has led travel marketers to optimized their mobile websites.

Mobile Behavior in Purchase or Booking Stage

Having decided the travel destination, the next step for travel consumers is to finally make travel purchase. More and more consumers now demand ease of booking via mobiles. Around 12 million of travel consumers have booked a flight, hotel, or ticket to an event via mobile.

Mobile Behavior During Travel

The use of mobiles during vacationing is also the most common activity nowadays. In fact, three in four travelers use their mobile while traveling and two-thirds of them explore, shop and book via their mobile devices The percentage of people using mobile to stay connected with their friends and family is less than the percentage of people using mobiles to navigate and look for nearby restaurants and other activities.

Mobile Behavior Post Travel

Once travelers are back from vacation and settling in their routine lives, they engage themselves in post travel loyalty programs. They upload their pictures and updated status on social networks, they ‘like’ travel specific pages and share experience with other travel consumers. Most of the Smartphone owners now rely on travel related mobile apps which makes it easier for travel consumers to look for more information and book their purchase.


Author: Alicia Jones – Strategic Marketing Consultant | Media Mosaic

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