With the rise of social media in our lives, the rush to be in the top spot on a search engine has gained tremendous momentum. Every business wants their website to be in the number one ranking spot on Google.  From huge conglomerate to a bootstrap company, everyone is using SEO techniques to enhance their online presence and improve their page traffic on their website. But selecting an SEO company can be a tricky business. There are companies which will take your valuable money without giving you any substantial results. There are a lot of myths in the SEO industry which an SEO agency can use to fool a uniformed prospective client.



  •  Create a website and its half job done: If you have created a website that doesn’t mean that it will automatically generate digital footprints for itself. You will have to use different platforms and techniques to popularize your website on internet to increase its visibility.

  •  Link it all: Though link building is an important aspect to increase your ranking on Google, it isn’t the only one way for best results. Google considers other factors such as number of +1’s your website get and search vocabulary that people enter while looking for a business. Make sure that your links are from trusted and reputable websites; since this will affect your website credibility as well.

  •  Keyword Density: Though keyword density is an important aspect of SEO techniques, it is not the only way to boost your search engine’s ranking. Apart from keyword density, links also play an important part in increasing your web visibility.

  • High and older domain: There is a myth that the older and higher domain existing links will boost your ranking. Many consultants believe that if you purchase an older domain, you already benefit of existing digital footprints due to established links of the domain. However this isn’t going to work since most the times these links would have become outdated on Google’s ranking. 


So if you are planning to hire an SEO company, keep these basic points in mind if you come across a consultant trying to cheat you with your money.

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