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“If it looks too good to be true it probably is”

 In the ever changing dynamic online environment, if you are looking for a SEO company, do not settle for lesser than the above mentioned statement. With the fast paced virtual world, the underlying dynamics of the search engine changes faster than you imagine. Many companies will come and claim their ownership on their SEO expertise. But gone is the golden era of 1900’s, when it took only few weeks for a website to appear in search engine optimization index.  Whether you are a bootstrap business or a large conglomerate, catching a customer’s attention is not a piece of cake anymore. So make sure when you are investing your hard money in any SEO company, it should be worth its value. When looking for a reliable and affordable SEO consultants in India, keep these pointers in mind to help you find your best SEO guide:

  • Don’t choose the top runners: Yes! That’s exactly what you read, no typing errors there. Just because it in the top 5 listed companies, don’t go for their services, do your own research as well. Not that every company is into malpractices but these top spots are sometimes bought by companies who have very less credit to show in real life. When a company approaches you with their presentation, they should be able to substantiate their achievements backed up by solid credentials. A good SEO company will be happy to provide you with their client’s references.
  • White and Black: A company using white hat techniques has nothing to hide as opposed to a company using black hat techniques. If you get that gut feeling that a company’s policy and procedures are not clear, then they are probably not and you know your money is going into a black hole. In today time, on an average it takes 3 -5 months to leverage your website for search engine optimization. If someone is claiming that it will take 6-8 months for the same, they are probably into black hat techniques. The reason for the longer duration taken is because a black hat technique does not fit into Google Webmaster guidelines.

 So when you begin your search, keep these top considerations in mind to hire a genuine SEO company for your business.

– An advice from best SEO consultant in India

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