As a saying goes that “Everybody has a right to a Saturday night” simply signifies the importance of Saturday. And there is no denying the fact the importance of Saturday in our lives. But in the saying, the importance of Saturday is only mentioned of the night and not of the day. Well the days have just got better and probably the best in Mosaic. A huge anticipation befalls us on Friday in the hope to have a Saturday filled with sports, energy and enthusiasm. All thanks to the new sports committee which has taken the level of standard of Saturdays to a notch higher with the introduction of new sports. As soon as the work is finished for Saturday we all look forward to the team meetings and discuss strategies on how to go about playing each sport. Saturday has become a truly adrenaline filled day.
If work and fun are together, nothing can be better than this. I am glad to feel that I have got such a great work atmosphere where anyone will definitely work with full of enthusiasm.
Recently at Mosaic, everyone has felt some positive changes as our Sports Committee has played a significant role to bring best from the system. Any game whether it is indoor or outdoor helps us in our personality development, interpersonal skills development etc. It also creates harmony and makes best possibility to create bonding with excellent interaction among the employees. It also helps us in forming team building approach within an organization.
Fun + Work + Values + Culture + Skills + Resources = Building an Organization
Now games have become important part of our lives for our personal and professional growth. These also help in developing feeling of positivity.
I would say that
“Khel kood Charitra aur Sharir Nirman ke liye zaroori hai”.

I wait for Saturdays and I am very excited to know about the new games. I really enjoyed recent games introduced at Mosaic like “Gully Cricket”, “Pithho phod”, and “Kick the Ball”.
I feel awesome that I am acting as a captain of Mosaic Titans. It is really helping me to know and develop my leadership skills.
My special thanks to Gaurav, Rohit, Shweta and Khushboo for bringing the fun at our place.
Let’s re-organize ourselves with fun and sports!!!

As an employee, I believe sports are supposed to be FUN. Sports are games and games create the enthusiasm and excitement to participate and play wholeheartedly.

Games help those who enjoy playing the game on your Sports Team, Family Team, Work Team, Church Team and any other Social Teams we are on. We play Games and Games are supposed to be FUN.

Experience of Saturday FUN Activities:
As all the activities inspire us to have FUN and give an outstanding personal performance to the betterment of the team.

Sports team organized one of the best games in Saturday, though I didn’t play any game but I involved in every indoor activities. I had some memorable experience with Mosaic fighters Team as well as with other teams also.

So I want to start from the very first game, which entertains me a lot and the name is “Musical Chair”. As this game was so much interesting and I enjoyed this very much.

Now my second favorite game was “GALI CRICKET”. I had such a wonderful experience in this game. I never forget that how much enjoyment was in this game.

The “GALI CRICKET” game is planned to encourage everyone for play, enjoy and FUN.
Our sports team seriously makes wonderful, unique and creative ideas.
All the credit goes to first choosing this nice indoor game and after that credit goes to those people who make this game successful.

I saw the people, who were enjoying a lot and who were not playing at that time was thinking why I am not there, why I am not playing.

The feeling was seriously amazing and I want to see more and more such exciting games.
The ideas and innovations for indoor games by our sports team is very much worthy.

Development with Fun Activities:

Everyone have stress in their lives, which wants strong need to relax and balance the stress with fun activities. Here are some interesting things which Saturday fun activities provide us.

Time To Take A Break
Laughing More and Having Fun
Interactions with the other team members
Relaxation & motivation
Can show hidden potentials and powers

Having fun at work reduces stress, improves morale and also increases team spirit. Here I am sharing some ways to get fun at work:-

1)Celebration: – Celebrate the every single achievement, festival or occasion. Celebrate work anniversary or birthday of every colleague like a special occasion. It creates a positive atmosphere and increases your goodwill for other colleagues.

2)Doesn’t every time talk about work: – It is suggested to talk sometime about some other topics like current movies, news or songs. It’s work as a stressbuster for your colleagues.

3)Games: – ‘Games lubricate the body and the mind.’

——Benjamin Franklin

Games are a great way to relieve stress. Playing games like TT, Carom, Chess and other fun activities like musical chair, dumb charade can bring added ecstasy and happiness to your life. So start playing and enjoy your work.

Keep in mind, life is intended to include fun and games. So start smiling, enjoy your work and be stress free.

In a given week, we spend almost 48 hours at work. Our office is almost our second home. Why not have loads of fun while we are there and improve our individual productivity and our morale, our bonding with our colleagues and most important of all, our loyalty towards our company!!

Here are some great ideas that you can incorporate in your everyday work culture to add lot of fun at work:

Have a positive attitude. Embrace fun and joy. It would directly affect the overall mood and feel of the workplace.

Try to be organized. It would let you finish your tasks on time and would give you more time for fun.

Give healthy and positive vibes. When your colleague comes to you or you meet someone on your way to the coffee machine, give a smile. Ask the other person to join you if she is free.

Decorate your work station with things that make you happy. You may put up your family photos or put bright and fresh flowers on your work desk.

Set inspirational quotes and pictures on your computer desktop as screen savers.

Get up for breaks. Go out to get some fresh air or eat a healthy snack at the cafeteria.

Participate in games, events, and activities that take place in your office. It helps in knowing your team members and in understanding them properly.

Be generous and recognize the good things that people do. You may send a small note or express it verbally that you appreciate your colleague’s gesture.

Plan for themed events and parties. Celebrate Independence Day with Flags and patriotic dress. You may think of some fun games to check everyone’s IQ regarding our Independence Day.

Add some holidays to your festive calendar. How about having a physical fitness month or a hobby month?

There is so much that you can do to have fun at work and de-stress yourself. Try the ideas shared above and love each day at work.

Happy working!!


We all have heard a famous saying -TGIF but when it comes to sports in
my office, I always say- TGIS. Being a person who has played sports
(Indoor and Outdoor) for 10 years, it is very difficult to just leave
it. I always used to miss playing games like cricket, Table Tennis,
Volleyball. This is the first company where we all get the chance of
playing these games. Table Tennis, Cricket, Chess, Carrom, you name it.
Most importantly we have teams and scores which actually make these
games more participative and challenging. We play, we shout, we fight
{for scores :)}, we cheer, we motivate, we demotivate (our opponents)
and most importantly we enjoy.


Well.. Writing a Blog post. I have never written in my whole life. I am only used to writing Emails, Proposals 🙂
But let me try to pen down my thoughts on what to me is Fun at work.

Ok, work.. Work is actually Fun for me.
I can only do things that really brings a smile on my face. And work surely do that for me.
So, I don’t look for Fun at work. I have fun only when I work.

Imagine a day, you don’t have any work.
Imagine a day, you don’t feel you have achieved something.
Imagine a day, you are sitting ideal.
Imagine a day, you are sitting in a dark room, doing nothing.

What Fun do you have?
Life is Fun, when things are on a Run..

Fun is when I have 1000s of things to do.
Fun is when I am on my toes all the time.
Fun is when I don’t get to party for long time.
Fun is when I ACHIEVE something.
Fun is when I finally party after a I succeed.

Ohh.. I have so much to say now, for now is the time, I am actually thinking what brings Fun to me.

But its time to get back to my Fun as I have my plate full 🙂

Lastly, when I was in my MBA, I used to take an auto from my PG to B-School.
Every morning, I used to see people driving in their cars with a Sandwich/coffee in their hand.

That was fun to me.
I wanted my life full of work that I don’t really get time to spend 20 mins on my Breakfast.
And this meal is fun to me.


Experience of Saturdays at Mosaic has always been great. A natural feeling of this day is full of excitement as the day after it, a holiday takes place. Every face seems fully smiley on Saturday. At Mosaic, the day of Saturday has been converted into fun day as all the employees enjoy a lot playing sports along with work. The glory of this day becomes more graceful to see the happiness around. New games are introduced every working Saturday, that help in making the environment of Mosaic joyful. Employees show their talent by using their innovative & strategic approach to win the game. Every team plays with full spirit. There are 4 teams (Mosaic Fighters/Titans/Tigers/Warriers in Mosaic & each team has equal & very enthusiastic members. Sometimes the day of Saturday becomes more happening when all the team members wear the clothes as per their team’s dress code. Enthusiasm peeps out from every member. The Saturday feeling & fun in Mosaic always be alive in mind & give tons of memories to everyone. Cheers to Mosaic for its Saturday innovation!!!


Working hard during the weekdays, all of us eagerly wait for the weekend. What else can be better than a fun-filled Saturday at Mosaic! It becomes essential for all of us here at Mosaic to unwind our lost energies and take active part in the sports initiatives being introduced on Saturdays. Our newly appointed sports committee has taken their job seriously (must say they are doing excellent) and they make sure that every working Saturday we are introduced to some new sports and games. This gives us an opportunity to mingle with our sports team members and get in the sporty spirit to play and win the game. The whole office is full of excitement and enthusiasm; all players are seen busy practising and making strategies to win the game and points for their respective sports team. Drown in the spirit of games that takes us into the memories of our childhood days, we eagerly wait for Saturdays at Mosaic.