While browsing users generally Google your company’s name. What do they find? They find negative reviews about your business and restrict themselves from visiting your site again. The chances here are that it would decrease your search results.

According to the researches, over two billion people everyday want to search and investigate over Google. The one who is looking to buy a product or service or even wanting to get associated with your company will also look for the testimonials provided by your existing clients or consumers. Negative reviews lead to lesser sales.  Therefore, when you are in the process to expand your business you must first find solutions to fix all the negative reviews that your company might be receiving.

Fixing negative reviews

Negative reviews are easy to fix and do not require much time in burying negative search results.


With this, you are not exactly suppressing the review site’s search result. Instead, you are curbing the negative reviews within the review page that would allow  Google to draw fresh and positive reviews into the search engines result.

To check for negative reviews you can type in different variation of your business websites in different search engines including Yahoo, Bing and Google. You can then scroll two or three pages and take a corrective action to thwart the issue of negative feedbacks.  Here, support of your existing clients becomes all the way necessary as you can ask for positive reviews from them. You can do this by offering them some attractive discounts on their future purchase, free offers and similar.

As consequences of having negative feedbacks can cease the customers from shopping at your store or do business with you so make your website all positive and inviting so that you are able to retain your old customers and drive new ones.