Online marketing is a constantly changing world, with new marketing trends evolving every year. In a world which is in a continuous flux, one needs to be constantly updated to survive the competition and win their customer’s attention. Some of the trends that will highlight the online marketing trends this year are:

1.    Content as king: Content as always been there, but it has become the top trend this year. Although interruptive advertising still exits but it alone does not hold the key. The crux of online advertising has become interacting and engaging the customers by providing them relevant content. Only if a customer feels that you have the domain knowledge, they will trust you with your product and their money.

2.    Responsive websites: With mobile phone becoming the centre of information, responsive websites hold the marketers attention now. There are numerous devices and hence it has become imperative that one has a single responsive website rather than coming up with different versions for every device. Responsive websites alter their screen and content as per the device that they are being opened on.

3.    Data-base marketing: Gone are the days of random online advertising. With the growth of various media channels, data-based marketing will see a rise in its usage. Companies are calculating ROI on a regular basis using data- based marketing. Online marketing campaigns which show low ROI will be altered and changed to meet the changing demand on a regular basis.

So, catch with the latest online marketing trends to enhance your online presence.