What is the first thing that visitors look at when they click on your website URL? It’s the look and feel of the website. Obviously, you would not want to visit a website which is confusing or if the design of the website is too old. The design of your website can make or break your leads. Therefore, it is imperative to focus on key elements of your website and update them from time to time.

Creative Web & Infographic DesignWebsite design elements keep changing every year. While some elements fade away soon, there are others which stay for a long time. The trick is to incorporate new design elements to your website as and when they are introduced. It’s not necessary to have all the elements in your website but the more, the better. I will be discussing few elements of modern web design & the tricks used by some of the best web & Infographic design agency, which will help you make your website look modern and updated. Check out the list:

  1. Font Style, Size and Family

Fonts of the website are an important element of web design. Font size and style or the typography helps your visitors differentiate your website from those of your competitors. Your website is easily identified if you use same font family across your website. The font of your website should have unique style and appearance.

  1. Videos are Important

Most of the brands are coming up with product related videos which talks about the latest product features and its utility. Videos are customers’ besties. While doing their research online, customers love to watch videos of the product they wish to buy. According to a research by Inc. Magazine, around 43% of B2B customers watch online videos while researching products and services for their business. Thus, B2B companies must create videos such that it influences buyer’s decision-marketing process.

  1. The Less is More

Gone are the days when websites were overloaded with design elements. The modern web design focuses more on the important piece of information. Flat design helps visitors get more information without having to flip through different website pages. The more simple the website, the more attractive it looks.

  1. Hover Effects

Hover effects make your website look classy. When you place your cursor over a part of the website, that section gets highlighted. This helps visitors to know which section they are at. The parts and sub parts are easily identified.

  1. Background Images

Large background images not only make your website look modern and eye-catching but also help you enhance visitors’ experience.

  1. Large Product Images

Display large product images on your website to highlight different features or parts of the product. This will help visitors in comparing your product with other products listed on your website.

Brands should keep looking for new design features and elements to be incorporated in the website design so that they don’t lag behind in attracting more eye-balls to their attractive website.