Mobile Search Engine Optimization is the marketing tool that no business owner can afford to overlook. With the growing density of mobile usage in our everyday lives, we are reliant on it for a large part of the information that we consume.

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India has a user base of 930 million mobile subscribers with 60 million people on various social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook logging on these websites through their mobile. India is home to world’s third largest population with around 1 billion mobile subscriptions. Hence, it has become imperative for organizations to make mobile friendly websites and optimize them for maximum business growth.

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The first step for being mobile friendly is to make responsive websites, which will be friendly to mobile users. Apart from responsive websites, there are various ways in which mobile websites can be optimized:Mobile-App-Mktg

  1. Search Local: When it comes to mobile, a user’s search is more local. The keywords that are being typed on mobile are different from the ones that are being typed on PC. The dependence on Goggle Autocomplete feature to fulfill the remaining query is greater in mobile based web search. Hence, it is vital that companies optimize these tail queries in Google to enhance user experience.
  1. Content: Mobiles are used by people for entertainment; hence the content should aim to be fun to engage maximum users. It is advisable that mobile websites should always have an embedded link which connects users to social networking sites, making them share the information on social media sites.
  1. Navigation: Navigation on mobile websites is difficult as most of the mobile users have touch screens. Hence, pages should be designed in such a way that minimum navigation is required displaying the most important information or the most popular pages on the mobile version of the website.
  1. Designed differently: Mobile phone websites should be designed differently, and should not just be a scaled down version of the original website. The internet connectivity and screen size makes it imperative that it has a different design that is well suited for the mobile version. It is advisable that the domain of mobile version should be a sub-domain of the original site. Only if your mobile version of the website is user friendly, then the traffic on it will increase. No one likes being stuck on a page for ages on a website that takes a whole lot of time to download. It is possible that the consumer will switch to other website which is mobile friendly and easier to work with for the required information.

So, make your website mobile friendly and optimize it to drive more and more traffic on it for business growth.