A feedback affects one’s business more than anything else. People tend to read about a company and restaurants before taking their product or service. In a world where search engine has become the know-how of everything, what your online presence indicates about you means a lot for your business growth. Therefore, it is safe to say that online reviews affect a business more than we imagine. It has become imperative that one’s image comes as a friendly and supportive on the internet. If you are a restaurant and there are tourists who are visiting in the nearby area, what your reviews say about your restaurant will impact their decision to dine at your place or not.

In the digital world that we live in today, there are various ways to gather review and information about a business. Having good reviews is a part of your entire online presence and will be a great determiner in your business growth. Positive reviews impact your search engine placement in local listings. It is also observed that positive reviews on a review site increase a website’s click through rate. This further reinforces your geographic placement on local listings increasing your business positive online presence. Search engines value the presence of a business on customers review sites and integrate it in their algorithm, increasing one local search relevance.

Hence, if you are looking to enhance your local search ranking and relevance, ensure that you have positive reviews on customer review sites.