Travel being an intensely competitive industry in online marketing, it has become quite crucial to leverage the power of content marketing, particularly visual. But, with a number of apps and websites being built everyday to present the best deals for the consumer, the question remains how to differentiate your brand?

As an emerging trend, visual marketing considered as a more explicit aspect of content marketing, it is gaining popularity with travel and tourism brands. It presents a clearer picture to consumers exactly what they’ll be doing once they book their trips. Instagram and Pinterest as visual platforms are at the fore front in leading the industry and giving you great opportunities to connect with your consumers online and portray a wonderful picture of the trip they could be enjoying.

 Use pictures – few words but big impact: However cliched it might sound, you just can not ignore the fact that a picture depicts thousand words. Keep your words on both Pinterest and Instagram minimal and use influential visuals.

 A Handy Tip: Feature a scenery instead of some models, this way consumers will visualize themselves in that place. Give an idea about where they might be staying or what there is to do at that destination. Present to do things for adults and kids if your destination is family-friendly.

Get visual wherever possible: For instance, if you are a budget airline, you wonder what your brand can post on Instagram or Pinterest? Just post pictures of places to see for all the cities you serve. This can be helpful as visual content is just so powerful. You can also make your board public and encourage your followers to submit their own ideas and favorite places to visit, stay, shop, and dine.

Ask your users to share it:visual-content-marketing Sharing or recommending about your business is bound to happen but the whole process will be accelerated you ask your happy customers to share and recommend the service to their friends. Along with posting content, also ask your followers to share photos or comment, all these will spread the word viral to their peer circles. Customer expectation of travel websites has changed from the transactional to experiential. Moreover, apart from being able to research a holiday or journey, your users now expect to be able to imagine them there. With the vast appeal of the visual content, you can create and use visual content marketing in many ways.

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