If we go by an old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”, then what is video worth? Travel is a visual medium. You need to promote a destination or a hotel using images which makes it more visually appealing. YouTube is one such ZMOT touchpoint which can be leveraged by small travel business houses to promote destinations and other related services.

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Let’s take a glance at the numbers perspective first –

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world with 4 billion hours of video viewed each month and 800 million monthly unique visitors. These numbers show the enthusiasm consumers have for watching videos on the web.

Travel Brands Using YouTube Platform

There are a number of strategies that travel brands can use on YouTube. Let’s take a look:

zzz STA Australia – ‘Fun’ Strategy

STA Australia’s YouTube move won the brand video share with high traffic websites like Oprah’s Blog, OK! Magazine and the Daily Mail plus thousands of shares via social media. STA launched a video series entitled Move, Eat, Learn as part of their “I want to know” campaign. There were three fantastic videos produced shot in 11 countries. Video ‘Move’ was at number one position on Reddit.


aaa Lonely Planet – ‘Tell-me-more’ Strategy

Lonely Planet’s videos are less about promoting a destination and more about what is happening around the world. It’s no wonder, LP sends a reporter to observe the livestock market in Uzun Agach in Kazakhstan or watch a hyena feeding in Ethiopia.



bbb Air New Zealand – ‘Theme based’ Strategy

Air New Zealand has its own YouTube channel. The brand keeps releasing various videos on ‘in-flight’ safety. However, the latest in the list “An Unexpected Briefing” has received over 10,500,000 views. The theme of the video is based on the movie ‘The Hobbit’ and it starts the popular character Gollum and film director Sir Peter Jackson.


ccc Airbnb – ‘Educational’ Strategy

Airbnb, too, released an appealing video about how their business model works. With over 1.5 million views it is easy for potential customers to understand exactly what the brand is all about.


Tips for Small Brands:

Get Started, Get Going

Small brands don’t need an expensive video to get started, they can simply crowdsource for video content. They can even use big prized competitions with video entry to reach and engage users. The main requirement is just a bit of imagination to get your brand visible on YouTube.

Build Customer Trust

Videos have the power to help you convey your message to the consumers as it gives human face to your business. Primary goal of your business should be to build consumer trust in your brand.

Keep Audience Informed

Let your videos say about your new promotions or features. For example, Virgin America launched a video featuring a Greenman announcing its New Philadelphia route.

Reach Local Audience

Many businesses use YouTube to reach specific audience or geographies. It helps to focus on one area and generate leads.