How Search Engines work

Search engines use specialized software’s that take the search term you ask for and deliver a list of web pages that are deemed most relevant to what you search for . Each search engine maintains a vast database of millions of web pages, they automatically index all websites they learn about, and maintain a database of keywords. By entering keywords for the subject you are searching for, you can find any number of websites which may be what you are looking for. In a nutshell, search engines are like directories, where sites have actually been reviewed by human beings and placed in an appropriate category. We are one of the reputed best and affordable SEO services provider in India and renowned to give quality results.

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Inner workings of a search engine

The spider on the web

The search engines have to perform an strenuous task of looking for information on millions of web pages. search engines have three major elements. First is the spider, also called the crawler. The spider visits a web page, reads it, and then follows links to other pages within the site. This is what it means when someone refers to a site being “spidered” or “crawled.” The spider returns to the site on a regular basis,, to see if there are any changes made..

Everything the spider finds goes into the second part of the search engine, the index. The index, also known as catalog , is like a huge book which has a copy of every web page that the spider finds. If a web page changes, then this book is updated with new information.

Sometimes it can take a while for new pages or changes, after the spider finds it, it may take time after that, for the page to be added to the index. Thus, a web page may have been “spidered” but not yet “indexed.” But until it is added to the index it is not available to searchers on the search engine.

Search engine software is the third part of a search engine. This is the program that goes through the millions of pages recorded in the index to find matches to a search and rank them in order of what it believes to be most relevant.