Google seems to be taking a biased approach when it comes to ranking pages on search results. Yeah! That’s true! Until recently, Google had not placed much importance on its social media platform. However, with the advent of Google Plus, Google has become a sort of watchdog to keep an eye on the users who are using Google Products like YouTube, Google Maps, etc. By doing so, Google confirms the credibility of the users and helps them build authority online such that their pages start ranking in search results. This blog is not a guide for marketers to a Google Plus page but it’s going to tell you as to how Google improves your SEO efforts.


The Starbucks Story

Few brands like Starbucks are leveraging Google Plus in order to impact their search efforts. Alex Wheeler, Starbuck’s vice president of global digital marketing told The New York Times, that their every post revolves around the impact of the post on their search efforts. The whole purpose behind Starbucks concentrating its efforts on Google Plus is to get good search placement. They also take advice from Google as to how they can optimize Google Plus content for the search engine.

The next big question is how does Google+ improves your SEO efforts? Let’s check out…

How Does Google Plus Work?

According to Google, your Google Plus page connects you with your customers whether they are looking for you on search, Maps, Google Plus or mobile.

Google Plus platform allows users to share their content. More shares mean more distribution which leads to more people linking to the webpage. The more number of links you have, the better your ranking on search results will be.

If Google Plus page is followed by your friends and followers, then every time they search on Google, your page will rank higher than others. Not only that, Google Plus allows you to link your content with Google authorship helping you to build credibility for your original content. This, in turn, improves rankings of your page.

A Message to Marketers

As a marketer, you definitely cannot afford to lag behind when it comes to improving search rankings on the most popular search engine, Google. This can be achieved by successfully maintaining your Google Plus page and of course, by being different!