Like any other marketing strategy, your digital marketing strategy can also not remain constant. The world of digital marketing goes through lot of updates every day and in such a scenario your business cannot survive without twisting or tweaking online marketing strategies to reach large number of audience.

Facebook, the most popular social media platform, is being used by almost every business house today. In fact, if you don’t have a business page on Facebook you don’t exist in the eyes of customers. Thus, it is important to not only maintain your Facebook page but to also follow updated Facebook marketing strategies.


Here is the list of six Facebook marketing tips to help you grow your business:

 1.      Share More Often

Posting more often and posting short posts at different times of the day helps you reach unique audience over the day and increase traffic on your website. The traditional method of posting less lest you annoy your target audience does not apply anymore. The trick of 2014 is to schedule your post for different times of the day and see your traffic growing.

 2.      Target Fans and Non-Fans Base

While it is important to share your content with your fans on Facebook, it is equally important to target your email subscribers, who are non-fans. Use Link share option to run your content ad for your email subscribers who might be interested in reading your content.

 3.      Targeted Facebook Groups

Your Facebook efforts might not prove that fruitful if you do not have a set of target audience for your Facebook marketing efforts. You still may be generating sales but it’s better if that comes from organic sources, from the people who trust you for valuable content you share on Facebook.

 4.      Use Facebook Exchange

Facebook exchange helps businesses retarget those visitors who have abandoned their websites either on a form page or shopping cart page. It also helps you target users whom you may have otherwise missed.

5.      Create Online Offer

Online offer is the best way to attract lot of customers to your web page and at the same time keep them engaged for quite some time. This creates buzz and helps your business boost brand awareness.

6.      Use Facebook Ad Reports

Use Facebook Ad reports to measure and optimize ads you run on Facebook.

These Facebook marketing tips will help you update your ongoing Facebook marketing strategy and win over your competitors. All the best!