2013 was the year when companies embraced different strategies for digital marketing. The year also watched some of the biggest social media changes including Google and Facebook’s algorithm updates, Twitter’s IPO announcement, and the list continues into 2014 as well.

Here is a roundup of the digital marketing trends predicted in 2014:

Content will remain the king of marketing

Most marketers have accepted content as the major key driver of their business. Along with this, there will be an inclusion of content discovery apps that will support this trend.

Fancy, Pulse and Flipboard to name a few, these apps will be helpful to generate high quality content in order to reach out to a massive audience.

Expansion of video marketing

Visuals have ability to spread a message more powerfully than text-based content. In addition to this, apps including Snapchat, Vine and Instagram, videos are constantly being created and shared on mobile devices.

Besides this, leading social network Facebook has also enhanced its mobile ads platform. Owing to this reason, video marketing is poised to have a very bright future in 2014.

Social media diversification

Since 2013 has been the year of growth of social media, it is predicted that the trend will continue in 2014. According to social media researches, 93% marketers are already utilizing social media to enhance their business, and therefore they will be using the same platform for their business growth in 2014 as well.


Networks such as Vine, Pinterest, and Instagram have become a part of daily life and are making unique niche for themselves. Owing to this, businesses will be able to devise several new platforms to build their and reach out to a wider audience.

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