Brands have been focusing on content marketing in order to reach large number of audience. They are creating and disseminating content which is found useful and relevant by end users. Brands come up with different types of content like infographics, blogs, articles, whitepapers, videos or presentations. Not only is the content created, it is disseminated on different social media platforms too!

The Current State of Digital Marketing

There are around 93 per cent of B2B marketers who are using content marketing to boost their brand awareness. In fact, 35 per cent of marketing professionals considered content marketing as their prime focus in the year 2013. In the coming year, around 82 per cent of business houses plan to increase their content marketing budget. Companies engage their audiences on social media channels using different content strategies. 87 per cent of brands use social media for content marketing while 81 per cent use their company websites for posting articles for their end consumers. 80 per cent of brands are using e-newsletters while 76 per cent are using blogs as part of their content marketing strategies.

The Future of Content Marketing

Let’s take a look at how content marketing is going to be the years to come and what the latest trends are which brands must follow in order to keep succeeding in their content marketing efforts. So here we go:

1.      Increased Spending on Content Marketing

According to a survey, in 2013 around 39 per cent of marketers allocated their sales budget to content marketing.

2.      More Infographics will be Shared

Infographics usage will increase in 2014. Brands have already started sharing Infographics in great numbers on different social media platforms to boost traffic.

3.      Number of Blogs will Increase

Blogs will continue to be used by brands as part of their content marketing. There are around 79 per cent of B2B marketers who believe that the blogs are the most useful marketing strategy.

   4.      Use of Google Analytics will Increase

More and more marketers will start using Google analytics in order to increase conversion rates.

   5.      Social Media will Lead

Social media will continue to be used as the most effective form of content marketing. In 2013, around 88 per cent of B2B and 87 per cent of B2C marketers used social media.

There is no doubting the fact that Content Marketing is going to rule the world of online marketing. Brands need to buck up and stay abreast with all the latest marketing strategies to stay connected with their consumers.

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