Who thought a ‘tweet’ which was the sound made by a bird would ever become a communication method on a social media platform for people around the world. The Blue bird has actually turned travel industry and travel marketing agencies upside down. And Airline industry is no exception.

If you had not so good experience flying? Tweet it. Lost your luggage? Try telling it on Twitter! That’s how travel consumers tend to behave when it comes to posting their experience about airlines. Watch out! So what are airlines doing to enrich customer experience using Twitter as a platform? Well, the answer reflects in number of tweets these airlines are doing every day.  On an average, number of tweets of each airline are 4.1. These airlines are vying to reach the large audience for brand promotion, customer service and brand engagement.

With more than 180 airlines tweeting every day, airlines have been successful in building trust of travel consumers in the airlines. They have exceeded expectations of consumers by developing differentiated twitter strategies.


JetBlue has more than 17 lakh followers and around 74k tweets. It keep customers updated about flight status or delays, shares photos, experiences and the general news from the airline. JetBlue is quite active when it comes to responding to issues face by followers related to ticketing or online check-in.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines keeps customers informed as soon as there is any whether delay.  They have maintained their page well and respond to customer queries in timely manner.

Virgin America

With over 3 lakh followers, Virgin America posts airfare deals specific to twitter on regular basis.  It’s also active in updating customer about contests and the latest news.

United Airlines

United Airlines, being the first airline to reap benefits of interacting with its customers, has over 2 lakh followers.  It gives update about latest happenings from time to time.


There is no doubt about the fact that Airlines have exceeded customers’ expectations by providing them enriched experience. In future, definitely there is lot to come which will help airlines and customers in ending up in a win-win situation.

Author: Alicia Jones – Strategic Marketing Consultant | Media Mosaic

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