In a market where content is king, maintaining an active online presence means creating useful and informative content for their audience on a regular basis. Failing to keep your audiences involved with you, even for few days, can result in reduced fan following. In a world where every one has a website for their company, it will take more than just online presence with company website to gather attention from one’s target audience. Hence, it is vital that constant buzz is created with information and unique content on various online platforms.

Content marketing involves from publishing regular day-to-day activities to client’s case-studies over the web. Providing too much information can drive the customer away with boredom to your competition. Nobody will like to read a client’s case-study everyday, however if it is published quarterly, will generate interest. Similarly, social media posts if not updated regularly can make a follower forgetful and uninterested about your company.

Maintaining a content planning calendar can help you achieve the desired results for your online presence. Divide your calendar into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, yearly and 5 yearly sheets. This will help you in your long-term content marketing strategy to make your brand visible on World Wide Web.