With the current increase in the number of people going online to research as well as plan their holidays and vacations has provoked a number of travel brands to develop a solid digital presence. Most of the travel brands have already included social media as an essential part of their marketing strategy, while some are still testing the waters. A number of tech-savvy travel agencies are opting to portray their websites as a one-stop shop for users who are looking for travel related information in one place be it last-minute travel tips, destination details or attractive offers – everything is now just a click away.
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There are some chief points that are recommended to keep in mind while building better travel social media brand

Make that Perfect Webpage: Irrespective of the type of business objectives you have, it is believed that a well-designed web page is quite necessary to grab your audiences’ attention and compel them to come back to you again and again. Just remember, that content plays an integral role in the user’s experience on websites as this will impact conversion rates and loyalty.

Select the Right Social Media Platform: Social media is being held accountable for driving around 78% of the traffic on various travel websites. Thus, travel agencies are exploring all the possibilities in the social media space for driving traffic and augmenting sales. The best idea is to fill your Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and blogs with travel tips, destination details and user reviews.

A Quick Tip: Integrating the +1 button in your website. This will enable your customers to share the web pages they rate with their friends and family.

Be Visually Alluring: Make sure that you imbibe the right balance of content and images – this will keep your users captivated. Once you are successful to get their attention, then their inquisitiveness about that beautiful resort or hotel pictures will guarantee the requests for bookings.

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Create and Add YouTube Videos: YouTube is another influential direct marketing tool for travel brands to broadcast themselves and approach their audiences with their messaging. Add a creative YouTube video as it can give your brand the much needed boost. Sharing the videos of holiday destinations posted by happy customers, brands will surely allure the user’s contacts to think about visiting the destination.

Executing an array of activities from sharing travel experiences online to scheduling holidays basis traveler-generated ratings – all these have resulted in a dramatic swing in consumer behavior in the travel and tourism industry in recent times. Thus, undoubtedly social media must be made an integral part of the travel business.