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Home elevators Deleting Cookies From a Mac Computer Your Mac is stored on by remove cookies to clear. Brian Morris/Getty Images News/Getty Images by Contributing Writer Websites typically place cookies on your Mac Chrome Stage 1 clean my mac for free Release Opera on your Mac. Step2 Click Phase 3 Phase 4 Press the title of a site that you desire to eliminate snacks, and click Step 5 Firefox Stage 1 Launch Chrome in your Mac. Step two Press Step 3 Press Step 4 Press the brands of each and every website that you can want to remove biscuits, and then click Step 5 Shut the Choices window. Opera Step 1 Release Opera on your own Mac. Step2 Press the Opera menu to the toolbar, which will be symbolized by having an image with three cafes. Stage 3 Click Phase 4 Click Stage 5 Click the Once you eliminate biscuits out of your Mac, you’ll need-to join again the very next time where you’ve a free account you visit sites. Information in this specific article pertains to Macs running Opera model 19, Safari type 6, the OSX 10.8 OS and Chrome model 24. It may vary marginally or considerably with other versions or products.

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