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Social Media is on the rise.

Ecommerce moved online, long back. However it was languishing as a poor cousin to the physical commerce and awaited its growth curve.

People still spent more time in physical world and so they transacted maximum commerce and consumed media in that world.

With the social infrastructure moving online, and media going social as well, the tipping point for business online has now been reached.

In next three to five years, as society gets increasingly digitalized, social media gets increasingly powerful ,ecommerce will piggyback on social media marketing to arrive at its primacy.

The real power of social media is yet to achieve its full force. It is at the moment, acquiring its momentum.

This is also the opportunity for ZMOT marketers to harness this new media and learn its lessons. Future learning will be costly and future positions will be harder to build.

So as you sit on the cusp of a media revolution, MM lets you be, one of the early movers on this growth path. Contact us today for launching your “ WIN@ZMOT with MM” campaign.

Tomorrow, social media would have moved on.