We live in a world where our source of information is internet. Hence, if you want to survive and win the battle of the competitive wars of survival, you cannot ignore SEO. Using SEO techniques for one’s business utilizes the search engine optimization for business growth. By improving rankings on search engines such as Google, one can increase digital footprint in turn increasing sales.

SEO is a lengthy process which can take a lot of time and money without giving any substantial results. Hence it is advisable that a company pays as per the performance of the SEO Company. In the Pay for Performance services, a business is viable to pay for SEO services only when they see their better ranking on search engines and increase web traffic on the website. Some of the parameters on which the Pay for Performance services is measured are:

1.    Number of visits on the website
2.    Total visits on the website
3.    Unique visits to the website
4.    New and old visits on the website
5.    Frequency of visits
6.    Number of page views

So, if you want to make your online presence significant with increased web traffic and better rankings on search engines for business growth. But at the same time want to only pay for what you get, Pay for Performance services can be a viable option for your company.