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Pay For Performance SEO Services

Pay only on results…else we don’t bill you!

As one of the first companies in India offering e Enterrpise SEO services, Media Mosaic now offers it clients results before it charges for services offered.

Under “Pay for Performance SEO” services, we do not ask our clients for payments till they actually see an improvement in their website’s rankings and flow of traffic. This creates a win – win situation for clients and gives them a substantial return on their investment.

Here are some benefits that clients enjoy with Pay for Performance SEO service:

  • They will only pay when they will find their websites ranked on the top pages. Our service is result oriented and ensures positive results in the promised timeframe.

  • Customers will only pay for keywords which they choose.

  • There is no monthly commitment at the initial stage which is the biggest for our customers.

  • Our skilled and professional SEO experts efficiently manage SEO campaign for customers’ website and ensure that the SEO process followed by our team is absolutely ethical and adheres to the Google Webmaster Policy.

  • No fear of rankings going down due to various search engine algorithm updates. No need to pay extra to get the rankings back.

  • Only ethical techniques are employed.

If you want to expand your online business and establish a firm online presence through Pay for performance SEO, we are just a call away!