Seven years ago, Twitter was only known as a small firm struggling to take their website to a higher level. Today, Twitter has come a long way. The organization is set to generate over half a billion dollars revenue in 2014. At present, the company has over 230 million active users across the globe and around 2,300 employees in its offices situated in New York, London, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, and Dublin.

Here are some of the important roles that Twitter will be playing in 2014:

A richer and enhanced experience for users: In the upcoming year, Twitter, the social network is poised to become more visually appealing and interactive. This means Twitter will come up with more prominent graphics, TV clips, articles, and e-commerce features that will be useful to the users. Profile pages will be redesigned and would emphasize on more useful information. There is also a new option to send pictures.

Advertising: Twitter is also expected to be more careful when it comes to launching revenue-generating products. While Facebook is known for its unique innovations, Twitter is not experimental. Instead, the company would focus on expanding its ad tools. Twitter has also promised to make its advertising approach such that it is able to reach out to a wider audience. Twitter is currently geared up to break the Facebook ads.

What more to expect from Twitter in 2014? Twitter is likely to engage more users and will be found in greater synergy with MoPub, the popular mobile ad exchange it invested in 2013. The social media company is also planning to work with carriers and has recently signed a contract in order to broaden its users’ base and enhance engagement.