Did you know that hotel videos can increase your booking conversions to a great extent? Did you know bookings are 67% more likely to happen when a video is available?

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Videos have lasting impact on anyone’s mind. We always remember movie scenes and dialogues than any other picture or a written statement. In this context, YouTube is one such social media platform which is being widely accessed by travel shoppers.



With the advent of social media marketing, hotels and resorts have quickly explored the impact videos have on their travel consumers. Brands offering videos of the hotel or attractions have the capability to drive their bookings. But the question is what do consumers look for when they plan to book a hotel? Well, they look different features of a hotel like location, cleanliness and values. They prefer watching videos over reading text about the hotel property. If any hotel has video embedded on its website or has posted a video on YouTube, consumers are more likely to book the hotel based on how well they get engaged.

45% of leisure travelers and 72% of business travelers use online video for travel planning. Consumers watching video Ads on YouTube are 437% more likely to engage in the brand activity on the same day. 61% of travel brands are expected to increase YouTube, Facebook and Twitter investment in next three months.

“Best Western TV” is the name for Best Western’s YouTube channel which was used to showcase hotel property and holding fan contests. The hotel channel has aired 50 videos till now and has around 73k views and 180 subscribers.



Virgin America Airline has a record of 2,638,007 YouTube views.



Hotel Casa del Mar in Santa Monica generated 75% rate of engagement through MMS video marketing.



Video marketing has the ability to engage, convert and retain and this is where travel marketers will focus on at present and also in future. Now this is the time for travel industry to leverage video platforms to influence booking decisions.


1fb1f29Author: Alicia Jones – Strategic Marketing Consultant | Media Mosaic

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