It is no secret now that WordPress is one of the biggest open source content publishing system. The versatile and user-friendly content management system is not only utilized by top notch brands including GM, Reuters News, and eBay but it is also used by over 7.5 million other websites of all sizes and domains.


Here are the top 3 reasons why WordPress Rocks:

WordPress is the easiest platform to use with an uncluttered and clear dashboard. Creating posts and publishing pages is as easy as it sounds.

WordPress is a full-fledged content management system that can accommodate any user who is likely to blog on his or her website.

A user can create the website in the way he or she wants through the simple WordPress tools. With the availability of free and paid themes, users can upload any theme of their choice depending upon the domain of the website.

SEO and WordPress can easily go hand in hand. With an internal link structure and basic WordPress code, both can get along well with most of the search engines such as Google. You can even use plugins such as WordPress SEO by Yoast and framework like Genesis to add more functionality.

One of the most interesting options with WordPress is the ability that it offers to user to host several WordPress websites on the same installation. That means, without having to buy additional websites, you can create as many websites as you want to, for personal or business use.

If you are serious about trying WordPress, it is recommended to give it a shot. Once you will be aware of the functionality of WordPress, you will find what more you can do and add to make your website staggering for your target audience.