When it comes to the world of social media, marketers leave no stone unturned. However, there are still a number of marketers who are yet to explore the wonders of Google Plus platform. With almost 540 million monthly users, Google plus is now the second most popular social networking site. Isn’t this figure BIG enough for marketers to get convinced on how important this social media channel is? Not only that, unlike other social media network, this platform impacts search and other Google products.

In this post, we will be looking at the most important factors as to why marketers need to consider Google Plus for their marketing efforts. So here we go:

  1. Content Authorship

Marketers who have got Google Plus profiles have authorship over their content on Internet. Authorship means that writers can link their content to their Google plus profile. The advantage of authorship is that it establishes credibility; content reaches wider audience and gets more exposure.

  1. Impact on Search Marketing

All marketers have one target in mind and that is to get maximum visibility online. By getting their profile active on Google Plus, they have more chances of getting displayed on the first page of Google search results. When users search for your brand, they also get to see your information pulled from the company’s Google+ business page such as number of Google+ followers, description of organization, the company’s logo, and the recent blog posts.

  1. Impact on Pay-Per-Click

Since Google Plus is integrated with Google Adwords, it allows social annotations which can be added on your Google Adwords ads. Social annotation basically allows visitors to see your endorsements from your G+ followers. Also, according to a research, Adwords ads with social annotations have about 5-10% more clicks than ads without social annotation.

  1. Impact on Email Marketing

Google Plus is integrated with other Google services like Gmail. By sending emails to your potential clients, you allow them to follow your brand right from their email account. Also, the content posted by you gets listed next to opened emails. Thus, getting you more content views through Google Plus profile. What else we want? Eh!

  1. Builds a Target Audience

Google Plus profile allows you to send your message (through posts or content) to targeted audience. Your circles on Google Plus are helpful in segmenting targeted groups. Thus, you can always be sure that your content is reaching the right people.

Thus, we can conclude that Google Plus is a powerful social media platform which impacts search, Gmail and Adwords to a great extent and that’s the reason digital marketers and pay for performance SEO experts has always emphasized the use of Google Plus.