Media Mosaic compiles list of best 5 incredible hotel pools around the world.

1. Raleigh Hotel

The Raleigh Pool which has been made by glamorous Esther Williams is known for its enchanting beauty and is located in Miami, Florida. It is one of the most famous pools in America. The world class features around the pool make it look even more captivating. The poolside bar, cascading waterfall and number of tress encircling the pool add to its beauty. This pool is in the form of a lagoon.  Though travelers have been enjoying the natural beauty of Miami just few meters away but this place must be visited by you if you are planning to pack your bags and go to MIAMI!1

2. Caesar’s Palace

Located in Las Vegas, the collection of six pools known as Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis will leave you feeling spiritual and at the same time will add to your experience as if you are in Rome. Each of the six pools have been made by keeping Roman Gods in mind which at the same time suit to the moods of the pool lovers. The Apollo pool focuses on Roman god of light and sun and is perfect for people who wish to soak in the sun. The Fortuna pool is based on theme of Roman goddess of luck and offers people different games to try their luck. The Jupiter pool is the Garden of the Gods and offers relaxation. It has five cabanas and eight day beds. The Neptune pool is the pool to socialize with other people. The temple pool is one of the classic pool which offers view of the other Garden of the Gods pools. The Venus pool is made in the European style and is defined by the striking feature of Nightclub.


3. Altira, Macau
It is one of the amazing pools at the 6-start hotel on Taipa island, Macau. This beautiful pool offers amazing view over a breathtaking skyline from several stories up.


4. Intercontinental Hotel: Hong Kong

The Intercontinental hotel in Hong Kong enjoys the waterfront view. The beautiful pool inside the hotel overlooks Victoria Harbour. It offers its guests the Asian-inspired ambience. The 340 square foot pool on the terrace offers relaxation to its guests along with breathtaking skyline views.


5. Golden Nugget, Las Vegas

The Golden Nugget pool is also called as a “Tank” with three most amazing features i.e. a shark Tank, 3-story waterslide and fifteen private cabanas. It allows a new experience to guests to swim with the sharks. Around the pool area there are plenty of places to rest and soak in the sun. Besides a shark tank, pool offers its guests to enjoy cascading waterfall

Happy Holidaying !!

Author: Alicia Jones – Strategic Marketing Consultant | Media Mosaic

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