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“A good newspaper, I suppose, is a nation talking to itself.”

This Arthur Miller, comment on newspapers is equally applicable to online contents primacy,.

With Zero Moment Of Truth (ZMOT) increasingly becoming the battleground where in days to come, most of marketing wars will be fought, creative content has become the new mantra for marketing czars. Everybody seems to have realized how important it is to have high quality content about yourself in front of your audience.

However for the content to have a quality and most importantly a worthy message, you have to have a proper strategy of content execution. This plan strategy will need to be devised keeping your brand message and position in mind. The voice of the content has to be unique to you and its editorial policy consistent over time.

An off and on content production with no clear plan and changing writers is the safe road to losing your ZMOT turf. If there is one activity on whose shoulders the load of ZMOT weighs the heaviest, it is unique content production. To state it in reverse, without a proper content plan there is no ZMOT for you. You have lost without even competing

Adding to creativity challenge of the content production is content format complexity. The definition of content has been updated in two ways. First is the distinction based on content form and second is based on content producer. To produce your content you can either use rich media ( video/infographics/audio files..) or plain old textual format( blogs/reports/studies/comments)

Another distinction is whether the content is self generated, user generated or peer generated. All these kinds of content, though not in your direct control converge at ZMOT to create an overall impact. So even with a sound production plan, you still do not have all the content variables in your direct access. That’s a sobering thought.