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Imagine reading about Marilyn Monroe’s facial gestures. Then imagine seeing one of her pouting portraits.

At Media Mosaic it is not often that we are drawn into bets but this occasion would be an exception. We will be willing to put our money on which activity would you like more or stated in social media parlance, which “post” will attract more “likes.

We did not bet in blind hope, for we know that the visual has always, will always, trump the textual. That is how we are hard wired. A large part of human neural machinery is optimized to process visual signals.

In fact, Oxford Zoologist, Andrew Parker, in his illuminating book, “in the blink of an eye” posits the light switch theory centered on discovery of vision. He credits the big bang explosion of life on earth (3 animal phyla to 38 animal phyla in 5m years) in the Cambrian era, to the evolution of eye or vision. According to him, animal kingdom exploded with joyful life when they found they could see each other.

What can happen to cats and dogs can surely happen to ideas and data.

With the advent of information graphs (or info graphs), in last couple of years, the physical world that we find visually so compelling, has started to find its reverberations, on the digital space.

The explosion in the number of infographs underscores that for anyone, one of the most boring pieces of information to consume, is data. People would much rather see an infograph than actually trawl through all those numbers.

Likewise an idea visualized is an idea realized.

So ZMOT(zero moment of truth) marketers have also found a new weapon in their armory. A compelling and unique infograph can take the social world by storm and convey all the right ideas about you and your brand in one complete cognitive bundle.

That day in digital marketing is not distant when ZMOT Lagrangian of a shopper will be littered with infographs. She will carry a few for sharing with her friends and the rest will be discarded for their non differentiation.

At Media Mosaic (as an Infographic Design Agency), we offer our expert infographic design services to create unique visual narratives, data visualization, visual storytelling and online infographic marketing which are weaved around your brand and your positioning to boost your marketing communication. View our award winning Infographic portfolio or Contact us Now for helping you create compelling infographics which create a unique differentiator for your “WIN@ZMOT” campaign.