Select the Best SEO Company in India

With the growth of internet, it has become imperative for every company to outsource SEO services in India. But while selecting an affordable SEO services company in India, many organizations do not know how to select an SEO company that will provide value for their money. Hence, keep these pointers in mind while hiring the […]

Earn Inbound Links through Guest Blogging

Inbound links refer to when external websites place your website link on their website pages and a must for businesses aiming to build a strong online presence. Inbound links are the most important ranking factor to Google. Though, building quality links are not easy to create. This is one step where most of the SEO […]

Winning The Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT Marketing Framework)

Marketers have been using three step mental model of marketing for a long time. The Traditional model comprises of three steps… Stimulus–  when consumer becomes aware about a product through TV ad. Shop – When consumer encounters a product in store and makes the purchase. This is the First Moment of Truth. Experience – When […]

Winning the zero moment of truth- Zmot marketing strategy (Infographic)

Marketing today has become a great challenge owing to the constantly changing technology and digital media landscape. Every marketer comes face to face with various challenges – even though, they generally share similar goals. Most marketers are stuck on lead generation; while others find it troublesome converting leads into customers. A look at the top […]

ZMOT – The New Mental Model Of Marketing

Easily accessible information on the internet and multiple product choices available in markets these days have empowered you as a consumer to engage in broad research before taking a final purchase decision. There is no uncertainty about the fact that consumers’ purchasing power today has augmented noticeably than it was about a decade ago. But, […]

How to Win ZMOT in 5 Steps

It’s easily seen with the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) that showing up with at the right place with the right content is an essential task, as well as, a big challenge in today’s marketing scenario. Are you in need of some ideas for how to get started at the Zero Moment of Truth and […]