Web design principles to boost conversion rates

Visuals are the best way to impact human mind. A website full of content will be less engaging than a website with pictorial images and text. What holds and captures the attention of visitors is a website where a user knows – where they are, where they can go next and how to take call […]

The SEO benefits of responsive web design

For those who are still unaware with the term ‘Responsive web design,’ it redesigning or reformatting the website to make it mobile-friendly. A responsive site is easily viewable on different screen sizes. Search engines, especially Google, have favoritism towards responsive websites. If providing easy-to-use website to users is important, then SEO is essential for the […]

An SEO Guide to Website Redesign

Is your business considering a website redesign or migration to a new domain? If so you need to plan a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy before your business face the risk of traffic loss. It’s not just enough to focus on creative elements, user data, and customer journey information while website redesigning. Website re-launches can […]

Know the Top 3 Reasons Why WordPress Rocks

It is no secret now that WordPress is one of the biggest open source content publishing system. The versatile and user-friendly content management system is not only utilized by top notch brands including GM, Reuters News, and eBay but it is also used by over 7.5 million other websites of all sizes and domains. Here […]

Tips for website designing in 2014

With every company having its online presence on internet, website designing has become a part of a company’s advertising budget. When a customer visits a company’s website, what user experience he/she has on the website goes a long way in making your brand’s strong online presence. Each year there are some trends which dominate the […]

SEO & Web Design Myths

With the rise of social media in our lives, the rush to be in the top spot on a search engine has gained tremendous momentum. Every business wants their website to be in the number one ranking spot on Google.  From huge conglomerate to a bootstrap company, everyone is using SEO techniques to enhance their […]